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What Does Your Scintillating Scotoma Mean?

vision comparison

Every eye doctor or eye care practitioner knows how common scintillating scotomas are. A lot of patients suffer from visual disturbance that is caused by visual auras. This condition is not dangerous and is usually not painful. It might not be associated with headaches or seizures but it simply causes …

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The Basics of Holistic Healing

Holistic medicine is an approach to personal wellness that considers every aspect of the person. It states that every aspect of an individual’s health will ultimately have an impact on their optimal health and wellness. This means everything from their physical, mental, and emotional well-being must be taken into consideration. …

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Understanding Holistic Health

Holistic medicine or holistic health is a belief that is best defined by an understanding that one’s well being is defined both by its physical aspects as well as its mental aspects. These two facets of life are closely interconnected and are virtually inseparable. We always need to take everything …

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