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Natural Remedies for your Scintillating Scotoma

A visual migraine or scintillating scotoma is an annoying condition although it might not be painful. It hits all of the sudden when the patient starts seeing streaks of flashing light or other visual disturbances. Most of the time, the patient will feel better after a few minutes. Nevertheless, in severe cases, the condition can trigger other health problems or affect the quality of life. Most patients who suffer from severe episodes feel that they are unable to function. The condition can cause numbness, confusion, mood disturbance and even nausea.

Are there Natural Remedies for Your Visual Migraine?

In most cases, medications don’t offer a real solution for visual migraines. The condition is not dangerous but it can still affect the quality of life by depriving patients of engaging in several activities.

There are certain remedies that can make your condition better. Practicing them on a regular basis can relieve your visual migraine.


Most patients feel better after closing their eyes for a few minutes. In cases of severe visual migraines, patients are advised to sit in a quiet dark room or cover their eyes with a towel to make sure that they are not going to be exposed to the direct light. Loud noise and bright light usually make the symptoms worse.

Cold Compresses:

Your visual migraine could be the result of dilated blood vessels. If you are usually suffering from visual migraines because of an increase in the blood flow, then you can use a cold compress to help with the discomfort.


A lot of patients don’t experience pain with their visual migraines. Nevertheless, in case of pain, patients usually feel better by taking over the counter painkillers.

Water and Fluids:

A visual migraine is usually triggered by dehydration. Drinking enough water and other healthy fluids will prevent the worsening of the symptoms.


Stress and pressure can trigger different kinds of migraines including scintillating scotoma. This is why doctors usually advise their patients to engage in stress-relieving activities to help with their visual migraines. Yoga and meditation involve a lot of relaxing activities that can help restore balance and overcome the annoying symptoms. A patient usually feels more relaxed and comfortable which can help control the severity and frequency of visual migraines.

Right Types of Medications:

If you suffer from frequent or severe migraine episodes, it is always recommended to visit a doctor or a healthcare provider. This is a good step to rule out any other possibilities and to make sure that your migraine is not a symptom of another dangerous condition. Most of the time, your doctor will prescribe a specific medication that should make you feel better. However, you shouldn’t take a medication that is prescribed for another type of a migraine. It won’t help with your scintillating scotoma and it can lead to serious health problems.

These are safe treatments that could help with your visual migraine. You can try one or all of them to see which one works.


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